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Prior to Coming to Resurrection

A01 Without Hope of Reward 28-Jun-1987
A02 Witness 7-Feb-1988
A03 Jesus Loves the Little Children 22-Jan-1989
A04 Sermon on Luke 20 9-19 12-Mar-1989
A05 The Sheep Know His Voice 16-Apr-1989
A06 That They All May Be One 07-May-1989
A07 Thanksgiving 26-Nov-1992
B01 Sin and Redemption 3-Jan-1993
B02 Sermon at St Ambrose Matt 17 1-9 21-Feb-1993
B03 Sermon on John 4 5-42 14-Mar-1993
B04 Foot Washing 08-Apr-1993
B05 Doubting Thomas 18-Apr-1993
B07 Justified, Glorified, Sanctified 25-Jul-1993
B08 Sermon at St Ambrose 10 am 28-Nov-1993
B10 Sermon on John 1 1-18 10 am 26-Dec-1993
B11 Stewardship 31-Oct-1993
C01 Sermon on Mark 9 2-9 13-Feb-1994
C02 Mark 9 2-9 13-Feb-1994
C03 Sermon for Ash Wednesday Noon 16-Feb-1994
C04 Sermon for Ash Wednesday 7pm 16-Feb-1994
C05 Psalm 51 20-Mar-1994
C06 Sermon on John 12 1-11 28-Mar-1994
C07 Sermon on John 12 37-50 29-Mar-1994
C08 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 10-Apr-1994
C09 Sermon on Trinity 29-May-1994
C10 Mark 4 26-34 St. John's, Ross 12-Jun-1994
C11 2Corinthians 5 New Age 19-Jun-1994
C12 Miracles 26-Jun-1994


At Resurrection

001 Do Not Just Receive, But Believe 31-Jul-1994
002 Still You Do Not Believe 07-Aug-1994

003 The Unfruitful Works Of Darkness 14-Aug-1994
006 Do Not Merely Listen To The Word, And So Deceive Yourselves. Do What It Says. 4-Sep-1994
007 Pity, Pride and Prejudice 11-Sep-1994
010 A Man Will Leave His Father And Mother And Be United To His Wife And The Two Will Become One Flesh 2-Oct-1994
012 Who Is Your God? (Sound is weak near end) 09-Oct-1994
014 Sermon on Worship-Learning To Worship More Fully 30-Oct-1994
015 Sermon on Praise-How and Why We Worship and Praise 22-Oct-1994
018 Karl Marx Is Alive And Well In The Church 13-Nov-1994
019 Do Not Worry About Your Life 20-Nov-1994
020 They Will See The Son Of Man Coming In A Cloud With Power And Great Glory 27-Nov-1994
021 Giving: Does God Reward Us for Tithing? 04-Dec-1994
022 Shall a Woman Keep Silent? Part 1 11-Dec-1994
025 Mary Treasured Up...And Pondered On Them In Her Heart 24-Dec-1994
026 Sermon on Healing: Can a Christian Do White Magic? 01-Jan-1995
027 The Baptism of Jesus 08-Jan-1995
029 What Does God Think About Abortion? 22-Jan-1995
030 Should I Pray in Tongues? 29-Jan-1995
031 I Want to Remind You of the Gospel 05-Feb-1995
032 We Should Rush to Confess 12-Feb-1995
035 Foundations Class-Week 2: Christian Worship and Doctrine 19-Feb-1995
036 He Is Here, And He Is Not Silent 26-Feb-1995
039 Foundations Class-Week 4: Evangelicals, Charismatics And The Bible 05-Mar-1995
040 How to Live as a Christian 12-Mar-1995
041 Foundations Class-Week 5: The Structure Of The Anglican Church 12-Mar-1995
042 How to Be a Christian Church 19-Mar-1995
043 Foundations Class-Week 6: Denominations and Christian Worship Today 19-Mar-1995
045 Foundations Class-Week 7: Who Are We Called to Be? 26-Mar-1995
046 The Prodigal Son 26-Mar-1995
047 The Stone the Builders Rejected 02-Apr-1995
051 Easter Vigil: The Gospel in Ten Minutes 15-Apr-1995
052 Is Thomas the Real Doubter? 23-Apr-1995
054 Why Do We Worship God, Anyway? 07-May-1995
055 Who Is Going to Cross the Line? 14-May-1995
056 Faith Healing? Us? You've Got to Be Kidding! Part 1 21-May-1995
057 Faith Healing? Us? You've Got to Be Kidding! Part 2 28-May-1995
058 Praying in the Holy Spirit 04-Jun-1995
061 Clothe Yourselves in Christ 25-Jun-1995
062 Much Religion Hath Made Them Mad 01-Jul-1995
063 A Church for the Rest of Us 09-Jul-1995
065 Who Gets to Have a Red Phone? 23-Jul-1995
067 Which Will It Be: The Sedative, or the Power of God? 06-Aug-1995
068 The Return of Jesus Christ-REALLY? 13-Aug-1995
070 God Said It. I Believe It. That's That! 27-Aug-1995
071 Invite the Poor, the Crippled, the Lame, and the Blind 03-Sep-1995
072 Possession Is a Mutual Embrace 10-Sep-1995
073 Why Do They Do That? All About Our Worship at Resurrection Part 1 17-Sep-1995
074 How to Pray 24-Sep-1995
077 How to Grow Deep Roots in the Faith 15-Oct-1995
078 People Will Not Put Up with Sound Doctrine 22-Oct-1995
079 I'm OK-You-You're really messed up! (Why this is a church for the rest of us) 29-Oct-1995
080 How We Hurt God and Why We Need Sanctification 05-Nov-1995
082 The Worship God Hates 19-Nov-1995
083 The Contest and The Kingdom 26-Nov-1995
084 Those Who Prophesy Build Up The Church 03-Dec-1995
085 Who Forgives First? Am I Afraid? Or Too Angry? 10-Dec-1995
087 Your God Is Too Big 24-Dec-1995
088 The Tough Prison Guard 24-Dec-1995
089 It Is the Spirit that Gives Life 31-Dec-1995
090 Then the Devil Left Him 07-Jan-1996
092 You Are Not Ready for Evangelism 21-Jan-1996
093 May We All Be Fools for Christ 28-Jan-1996
095 But God Gave the Growth 11-Feb-1996
096 Why God Leads Us into The Wilderness 18-Feb-1996
097 Five Kinds of Pride or "Further into the Wilderness" 25-Feb-1996
099 Why Should I Read the Bible? 10-Mar-1996
100 The Lord Is My Shepherd 17-Mar-1996
101  Why Do They Do That? All About Our Worship at Resurrection Part 2 24-Mar-1996
102 His Blood Be on Us and on Our Children 31-Mar-1996
103  In Concert: The Rush Gospel Choir 31-Mar-1996
104 Confessed, Washed Clean, Ready to Go-How about You? 6-Apr-1996
106 Seek the Face of God 21-Apr-1996
108 What Does God Intend for Resurrection? Part 1 Who Are We to Be? 05-May-1996
109 What Does God Intend for Resurrection? Part 2 Who Are We to Become? 12-May-1996
110 What Does God Intend for Resurrection? Part 3 What Are We To Do? 19-May-1996
111 What Does God Intend for Resurrection? Part 4 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 26-May-1996
112 What Is the Nature of God? Does the "Trinity" Really Matter? 02-Jun-1996
113 Shall a Woman Keep Silent--Part 2 09-Jun-1996
115 Shall a Woman Keep Silent?-Part 3 23-Jun-1996
116 Life in the Skybox 30-Jun-1996
117 God Is Not an Old Woman Wagging Her Finger at You 7-Jul-1996
118 Preach The Gospel, Always; If Necessary, Use Words 14-Jul-1996
119 The Righteous Will Shine Like the Sun 21-Jul-1996
121 He Feeds Us Even Now 04-Aug-1996
122 Peter Sinks, but Doesn't Go Under 11-Aug-1996
124 Pascal's Vision 25-Aug-1996
125 Present Your Bodies As A Living Sacrifice 08-Sep-1996
126 If Someone Sins Against You - What Do You Do?
127 How Often Should I Forgive 15-Sep-1995
128 God's Justice is Often Unwanted and Unexpected 22-Sep-1996
129 Am I Saved Now What Do I Do 29-Sep-1996
130 Is Jesus a Stumbling Block for You 06-Oct-1996
132 Whose Image Is On You 20-Oct-1996
133 How not to Burn Out 27-Oct-1996
134 Real Christian Leadership 03-Nov-1996
135 Filling Your Lamp 10-Nov-1996
136 How to Enter Into God's Joy and Avoid Damnation 17-Nov-1996
137 How To Be a Disciple 01-Dec-1996
140 How To Be Joyful 15-Dec-1996
141 The Revelation of the Mystery of Christ 22-12-1996
142 God Moved Into the Neighborhood Part 1 29-Dec-1996
143 God Moved Into the Neighborhood Part 2 05-Jan-1997
144 Baptism In The Holy Spirit 12-Jan-1997
148 Go Out and Make Disciples 09-Feb-1997
149 There Was A Crude Lifesaving Station - True Church 16-Feb-1997
150 The Sacrifice of Isaac 23-Feb-1997
151 Making a Whip of Cords 02-Mar-1997
152 Who Is This Jesus 09-Mar-1997
154 Moving from Light into Darkness 23-Mar-1997
155 Do We Need to Believe in the Resurrection 30-Mar-1997
157 So That You Also May have Fellowship With Us 13-Apr-1997
159 He Will Lead You into All Truth 27-Apr-1997
160 Love One Another 04-May-1997
161 Your Word is Truth 11-May-1997
163 Oscar the Alligator 25-May-1997
164 God Is Good 01-Jun-1997
166 The Mustard Seed Sprouts and Grows - Do We 15-Jun-1997
167 The Cattle Squeeze 22-Jun-1997
168 The Grace of God 29-Jun-1997
170 Living about God 13-Jul-1997
171 By Grace You have Been Saved 20-Jul-1997
172 Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry 27-Jul-1997
173 Telling Your Story - Making Disciples Series 03-Aug-1997
175 Choose This Day - Making Disciples Series 24-Aug-1997
178 From Every Nation Tribe People and Language 07-Sep-1997
179 Why Do We Do That Pt 1 Worship Series 14-Sep-1997
180 Why Do We Do That Pt 2 Worship Series 21-Sep-1997
182 Created In His Image 05-Oct-1997
183 What Treasure Do You Hold Back 12-Oct-1997
184 What is Hallowed about Halloween 02-Nov-1997
186 Savior Yes. Lord No. 09-Nov-1997
191 Do Not Worry About Anything 14-Dec-1997
192 He Has Lifted Up the Humble 21-Dec-1997
193 I Will Rejoice in the Lord 28-Dec-1997
195 Soaking in the Goodness of the Lord 04-Jan-1998
196 The LORD Takes Pleasure in His People 18-Jan-1998
197 Building Up and Tearing Down our Lives 25-Jan-1998
199 I'm Too Weak To Do This On My Own 08-Feb-1998
200 Jesus Lives 15-Feb-1998
201 Fall Down Before His Footstool-He is the Holy One 22-Feb-1998
203 Jesus Saves 8-Mar-1998
205 The Prodigal Son and The Father's Heart 22-Mar-1998
206 This is What God Says 29-Mar-1998
208 I Have to Go. It's Jesus 11-Apr-1998
209 Set Your Minds on Heavenly Things 12-Apr-1998
210 Developing Gifts of the Spirit 19-Apr-1998
212 Kronos & Kairos - Clock Time and God Time 03-May-1998
215 The Spirit and the Bride say Come 24-May-1998
216 Celebrate the Feast of Pentecost 31-May-1998
218 Open to God, Open to Each Other 14-Jun-1998
219 What Did Paul Mean in Galatians 3 21-Jun-1998
220 Pickled! Every Cell! 21-Jun-1998
221 The Fruit of the Spirit 28-Jun-1998
223 How To Avoid Being Poisoned By Evil
225 Erasing Your Criminal Record
226 Where's the Report Wormwood
227 Speak The Truth In Love And Don't Wait
228 Getting Holy Eyes And A Heart Of Mercy
229 The Lord's Prayer - Part 1
230 The Lord's Prayer - Part 2
231 The Lord Wants You
232 Where's Your Reply To Jesus?
238 Spiritual Warfare
239 Separation and Sin
242 Why Do We Do What We Do - QA About Resurrection's Worship
244 Put On the Lord Jesus Christ
245 Faith
247 God with Us
248 Appreciation Rest Renewal
250 Casting Out The Spirit of Felix Unger
251 Carry Each Other's Burdens
252 Raise Your Banner High
254 Are You Still Salty
255 Jesus is Lord - So Let In The Light
256 Create in Me a Clean Heart
257 Born of Water and Spirit
259 Why Worship Jesus
260 Renewing Our Souls
261 Humility and Supernatural Power
262 The Free Gift of God
264 Ephesians 1 - Hearts Flooded With Light
265 Ephesians 2 - Together as One Body
266 Ephesians 3 - May Your Roots Go Down Deep
267 Ephesians 4 - Make Allowances for Each Others Faults
268 Ephesians 5 - Follow Christ's Example - All about Husbands and Wives
269 Ephesians 6 - For a Thousand Generations
283 Be Glad for All God is Planning for You! 05-Sep-1999
284 Paying the Debt 12-Sep-1999
285 Getting What You Deserve 18-Sep-1999
287 Untitled Sermon 03-Oct-1999
288 Whether I Have Much or Little 10-Oct-1999
289 What Is Singing in the Spirit 17-Oct-1999
292 Who Has Time to be Patient 01-Nov-1999
293 How To Have Abundance 14-Nov-1999
295 Untitled Sermon 28-Nov-1999
296 Piercing the Darkness 05-Dec-1999
298 Fall In 19-Dec-1999

300 Body and Soul 01-Jan-2000
301 The Spirit Descending Like a Dove 09-Jan-2000
302 Washed by the Spirit and Called by our God 16-Jan-2000
303 From the Depths of Despair 23-Jan-2000
304 Knowledge Puffs Up But Love Builds UP 30-Jan-2000
305 No One Gives Me a Passing Thought 06-Feb-2000
307 We Are No Longer Ashamed 20-Feb-2000
309 Inviting God to Dwell With Us 27-Feb-2000
310 Clay in His Hands Part 1 Who He Intends Us to Be 12-Mar-2000
312 Clay in His Hands Part 2 Cleaning Out the Rocks 26-Mar-2000
313 Clay in His Hands Part 3 Molding and Shaping Us 02-Apr-2000
315 Clay in His Hands Part 4 Completed and Beautiful 16-Apr-2000
316 The Disciples Were Grieving and Weeping 23-Apr-2000
317 Living a Resurrected Life Part 1 Christ Lives In You 30-Apr-2000
318 Living a Resurrected Life Part 2 Don't Handle, Don't Eat, Don't Touch 07-May-2000
319 Living a Resurrected Life Part 3 Let Heaven Fill Your Thoughts 14-May-2000
321 Living a Resurrected Life Part 4 The Whole Will of God 28-May-2000
323 Requirements for Leadership 11-Jun-2000
325 He Ran to Meet Jesus and Fell Down Before Him 25-Jun-2000
328 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 1 Ministering to God and Others 16-Jul-2000
329 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 2 What is an Apostle 23-Jul-2000
330 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 3 What is Prophecy 30-Jul-2000
331 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 4 Who Is a Pastor 06-Aug-2000
334 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 5 What Is Evangelism 27-Aug-2000
335 What Are Your Ministry Gifts Part 6 How to Discover Them 03-Sept-2000
336 Strong Enough to Save Your Souls 10-Sept-2000
337 Even the Demons Believe This and They Tremble in Terror 17-Sept-2000
338 A Life of Steady Goodness 24-Sept-2000
339 Getting High on God 01-Oct-2000
340 He Made Them Male and Female 08-Oct-2000
341 Today You Must Listen to His Voice 15-Oct-2000
342 Come Boldly to the Throne 22-Oct-2000
344 Step Into the River 05-Nov-2000
346 You Will Receive All That He Has Promised 19-Nov-2000
348 Christ Will Make Your Hearts Strong 03-Dec-2000
349 Those Who Plant With Tears Will Harvest With Shouts of Joy 10-Dec-2000
350 I Will Give You a Good Name 17-Dec-2000
352 Freedom in Christ 31-Dec-2000
353 He Will Not Crush Those Who Are Weak 07-Jan-2001
354 Jesus Is a Junk Picker and Master Restorer 20-Jan-2001
355 God Made Us To Need Each Other 21-Jan-2001
356 I Wish You Were All Able to Prophesy 28-Jan-2001
357 I Am the Least in My Entire Family 04-Feb-2001
358 The First of a Great Harvest 11-Feb-2001
359 Acting as Children of the Most High 18-Feb-2001
361 God Cannot Fill a Clenched Hand 04-Mar-2001
362 Does God Permit Us to Be Angry With Him 11-Mar-2001
363 The Bride Who Fled 18-Mar-2001
364 When the Glory Falls 25-Mar-2001
366 Esteem Others More Highly Than Yourselves 08-Apr-2001
368 Pray About Everything 06-May-2001
369 Keep Short Accounts with God 06-May-2001
372 You Will Receive Power 27-May-2001
373 Suffering 03-Jun-2001
374 No Title 10-Jun-2001
375 No Title 17-Jun-2001
377 Stepping Into the Kingdom of God 01-Jul-2001
380 You Who Were Once so far Away from God 08-Jul-2001
383 The Future of the Church 29-Jul-2001
384 No Title 19-Aug-2001
385 Untitled Sermon 26-Aug-2001
386 The Priesthood of All Believers 02-Sep-2001
387 The Heart of Jesus 09-Sep-2001
389 Are Christians Permitted to Go to War 23-Sep-2001
390 Being Yourself Before God 30-Sep-2001
391 Hold to the Standard of Sound Teaching 07-Oct-2001
392 Doing the Simple Thing God Asks 14-Oct-2001
393 Moses There's Mud in My Sandals - How Cynicism Steals Hope 21-Oct-2001
395 The Faith OF Jesus 04-Nov-2001
397 The End of Time 18-Nov-2001
398 The Garbage Dump 25-Nov-2001
400 Why Do We Do What We Do 02-Dec-2001
402 The Call of Ministry 16-Dec-2001
406 The Manifest Presence of God. Who is God? 06-Jan-2002
407 The Manifest Presence of God. What Does He Do? 13-Jan-2002
408 The Manifest Presence of God. Why Does He Do It? 30-Jan-2002
409 The Manifest Presence of God. Where Do We Find Him? 27-Jan-2002
410 The Manifest Presence of God. When Do We Find Him? 02-Feb-2002
411 The Manifest Presence of God. The Way--Our Lives in Christ 10-Feb-2002
414 Hungry For God 03-Mar-2002
415 Us 10-Mar-2002
416 Them 17-Mar-2002
417 The King of Glory 24-Mar-2002
420 Is It REALLY the Body and Blood 14-Apr-2002
421 Waiting on Tables for God 21-Apr-2002
422 Also Do the Works That I Do 28-Apr-2002
424 Reviled for the Name of Christ 12-May-2002
432 No Condemnation
440 Fear of the Other, Game Theory and Jesus 09-Jan-2002
441 Overcoming Failure by Blessing Others 09-Aug-2002
442 Forgiving and Reconciling Others 15-Sep-2002
443 Whining about God's Provision 22-Sep-2002
444 Look to the Interests of Others 29-Sep-2002
447 God Still Heals 03-Nov-2002
448 It's Still a Crude Lifesaving Station 10-Nov-2002
449 Working in Lifeboats 17-Nov-2002
450 Christ the King 24-Nov-2002
452 The Wedding of the King of Kings 15-Dec-2002
455 The Remnant 05-Jan-2003
456 What is Baptism in the Holy Spirit 12-Jan-2003
457 Peace 19-Jan-2003
458 Immediately 25-Jan-2003
459 Facing Death 02-Feb-2003
460 Who is Jesus and Why Does It Matter Part 1 09-Feb-2003
461 Who Is Jesus and Why Does It Matter Part 2 15-Feb-2003
488 There Must be a Spiritual Renewal of our Thoughts and Attitudes Part 1 03-Aug-2003
489 There Must be a Spiritual Renewal of our Thoughts and Attitudes Part 2 10-Aug-2003
489.5 Resurrection's View of Sexuality 10-Aug-2003
490 There Must be a Spiritual Renewal of our Thoughts and Attitudes Part 3 17-Aug-2003
492 There Must Be a Spiritual Renewal of our Thoughts and Attitudes Part 5 31-Aug-2003
500 Shout Out! 26-Oct-2003
501 The Fullness of Him Who Fills All in All 02-Nov-2003
502 In the presence of God on our Behalf 09-Nov-2003
503 Thin Strong and Rich
505 Offer to God a Sacrifice of Thanksgiving! 30-Nov-2003
507 I Will Change Their Shame Into Praise 14-Dec-2003    
510 Spiritual Gifts and Grace Part 1 04-Jan-2004
511 Spiritual Gifts and Grace Part 2 11-Jan-2004
514 Spiritual Gifts and Grace Part 5 01-Feb-2004
515 Spiritual Gifts and Grace Part 6 08-Feb-2004
516 A Bruised Reed He Will Not Break 15-Feb-2004
517 The Appearance of His Face Changed 22-Feb-2004
518 The Passion of the Christ 29-Feb-2004
519 Dwell in the House of the LORD 07-Mar-2004
520 A Sacrifice of Praise 14-Mar-2004
522 The Stone the Builders Rejected Has Become the Cornerstone 28-Mar-2004
524 Rising With Him 11-Apr-2004

What We Believe and Why (WWBAW) - Series in 19 parts:

525 WWBAW Part 01 Getting Saved
527 WWBAW Part 02 More on Getting Saved.
528 WWBAW Part 03 Reward in Heaven.
530 WWBAW Part 04 More on Heavenly Reward.
531 WWBAW Part 05 Why Bother to be Good?
532 WWBAW Part 06 Living with Each Other.
533 WWBAW Part 07 Living with Unbelievers.
534 WWBAW Part 08 Prayer.
536 WWBAW Part 09 Obedience and Covenant.
537 WWBAW Part 10 More on Obedience.
538 WWBAW Part 11 Covenant.
539 WWBAW Part 12 More on Covenant.
540 WWBAW Part 13 Faith.
542 WWBAW Part 14 Peace Inside and Out.
543 WWBAW Part 15 The TOP TEN Heresies.
544 WWBAW Part 16 The TOP TEN Heresies, continued.
545 WWBAW Part 17 The Trinity.
547 WWBAW Part 18 Bible Authority.
549 WWBAW Part 19 Bible Authority, continued.
550 All who Exalt themselves 24-Oct-2004
551 Zaccheaeus 31-Oct-2004    
554 Law & Grace Part 1
556 Laws & Grace Part 2
557 Are You Really the Messiah 12-Dec-2004
559 I Will Change Your Name 26-Dec-2004
561 Giving and Getting
562 We Have Found the Messiah 16-Jan-2005
563 The Lord GOD has spoken, who can but prophesy 23-Jan-2005
564 Why Don't We Want Charity 30-Jan-2005  
565 Your Transfiguration 06-Feb-2005               
567 Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth 27-Feb-2005  
569 Our Friend Has Fallen Asleep 13-Mar-2005
570 Do Not Be Afraid 27-Mar-2005
572 The Breaking of the Bread 10-April-2005
573 Psalm 23 17-Apr-2005
574 Ask Me For Anything. ANYTHING 24-Apr-2005
575 Gentle and Respectful 01-May-2005
577 Varieties of Gifts, But the Same Spirit
578 Do We Worship Three Gods 22-May-2005
580 Love Covers a Multitude of Sins
581 While We Were Enemies 12-Jun-2005
583 Times of Testing 19-Jun-2005
585 Anyone who is willing to hear 10-Jul-2005
586 Lord Bring Revival 17-Jul-2005
590 Inviting Others Into the Kingdom 14-Aug-2005
592 Eating the Seed Corn
593 If Your Enemies Are Hungry Feed Them
595 Born From Above 18-Sept-2005
596 Invite Guests Home for Dinner
600 The LORD says to my Lord 23-Oct-1998 
601 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 1 - A Life Worthy of God 30-Oct-2005
602 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 2 - Justice 06-Nov-2005
603 Will There Be a Split in the Anglican Communion 13-Nov-2005
604 Love Your Enemy - Anglican Crisis Chicago Diocesan Convention 11-Nov-2005
605 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 3 - Gaining a Heart of Wisdom 20-Nov-2005
606 Clay in His Hands - and Ours - Baptized and Formed 27-Nov-2005
607 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 4 - Regret 04-Dec-2005
608 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 5 - Patience 11-Dec-2005
609 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 6 - Answering the Call 18-Dec-2005
612 Becoming a Christian Adult Part 7 - Jesus! 08-JAN-2006
613 The Future of the Church Part 1 15-Jan-2006
614 The Future of the Church Part 2 22-Jan-2006
615 The Future of the Church Part 3 29-Jan-2006
616 What is Fasting and Why Should I Care 05-Feb-2006
618 I Am He, He Said 19-Feb-2006
620 26 Harvesting Machines 05-Mar-2006
622 A New Resurrection Part 1 19-Mar-2006
623 A New Resurrection Part 2 26-Mar-2006
624 A New Resurrection Part 3 02-Apr-2006
625 The Passion 09-Apr-2006
626 The Resurrection 16-Apr-2006
627 A New Resurrection Part 4 23-Apr-2006
629 A New Resurrection Part 5 07-May-2006
632 A New Resurrection Part 6 Growing Up and Out 05-28-2006

633 Baptism and the Heart of God 04-Jun-2006
634 A New Resurrection Part 7 Living in Relationship 06-11-2006
636 A New Resurrection Part 8 Baptizing the Culture 06-25-2006
637 Is It Holy to Love Yourself? 02-Jul-2006
640 A New Resurrection Part 9 Release from Bitterness 07-23-2006
642 A New Resurrection Part 10 Are You Done When You're Saved 08-06-2006
646 What's Ahead For Us This Year 03-Sept-2006
647 Tell, Show, Try, Do - Like Jesus Said 09-10-2006
648 I Believe; Help My Unbelief! 17-SEP-2006
649 Let Our Might Be our Law of Right 24-Sep-2006
650 Humble Yourself and He Will Lift You Up 1-Oct-2006
651 The Faithfulness of Jesus Leads Us through Life's Storms 15-Oct-2006
659 May He Make Your Hearts Strong, Blameless and Holy 03-Dec-2006

665 Who Will Build the Church Part 1 14-Jan-2007
666 Who Will Build the Church Part 2 21-Jan-2007
667 Who Will Build the Church Part 3 28-Jan-2007
670 Getting Ready to Fast Slowly 18-Feb-2007.mp3
671 We Are the Church, and This Church Will Rise Again 25-FEB-2007
673 Knowing Who God Is 11-Mar-2007
677 You Shall Be My People, and... 08-Apr-2007
678 The Kingdom of God Part 1 15-Apr-2007
680 The Kingdom of God Part 3 29-Apr-2007
681 The Kingdom of God and the Works of Jesus 06-May-2007
683 The Kingdom of God Part 6 20-May-2007
686 The Vision for Resurrection God's Kingdom here, now.
688 The Sunday Search-Living Out Resurrection's Vision - Part 1 24-Jun-2007
689 Let the Dead Bury the Dead - The Secret to Finding Joy 01-Jul-2007
690 Seek Joy! 08-Jul-2007
691 Filled with Jesus' Own Joy 15-Jul-2007
692 Carry Joy Into the World 22-Jul-2007
693 How to Avoid Joy 29-Jul-2007
694 Making Joy Complete  05-Aug-2007
695 Fighting for Joy 12-Aug-2007
696 Taking Back the Joy That Was Stolen 19-Aug-2007
701 You Are Called.  By Me.  22-Sep-2007
703 People of Faith - Wilberforce 30-Sep-2007
706 People of Faith - Faith of Our Foremothers 21-Oct-2007
707 People of Faith - The Pharisee 28-Oct-2007
709 The Secret of Our Success The Worship in the Heart of the Prodigal Son 11-Nov-2007

710 Our Future The Vision of Isaiah 61 and How We Live It Out 18-Nov-2007
711 Idolatry of the Older Brother and the Father's Love  25-Nov-2007
716 Who is Jesus 24-Dec-2007
719 Who Christ IS 06-Jan-2008
721 How Are We Formed To Be Like Him 13-Jan-2008
723 How Do We Live Out Our Call 27-Jan-2008
724 Transfiguration 03-Mar-2008
725 People Matter - Stuff Doesn't 10-Mar-2008
726 Nicodemus 17-Feb-2008
727 The Divorced Woman Evangelist 24-Feb-2008
729 Moving into the neighborhood 09-Mar-2008
731 Separated for Love 23-Mar-2008
734 Whatever You Ask In My Name, I will Do It 20-Apr-2008
735 To Save The World From Suicide 27-Apr-2008
739 Serving Jesus In Others - Part 1 18-May-2008
740 Serving Jesus In Others - Part 2 25-May-2008
741 Serving Jesus In Others - Part 3 01-Jun-2008
742 Serving Jesus In Others - Part 4 08-Jun-2008
747 Good Soil 13-Jul-2008
748 Putting The Strong To Shame 20-Jul-2008
749A Visit to Jerusalem 27-Jul-2008(There is a large PowerPoint with photographs from Israel that accompanies this sermon. If you want to view it while listening to this sermon, you can quickly download it here.)
751 Testimony Brings Power 10-Aug-2008

752 Their Love Teaches Us How To Love 17-Aug-2008

754 Bless Those That Persecute You 31-Aug-2008

755 Reconciliation 07-Sep-2008

756 The Account Is Settled 09-14-2008 TEGUNS


Guest preaching at other churches

SB1 Healing Prayer Talk at St Benedict