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Healing Prayer

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Teaching Healing Prayer for the Victims of Sin

My book Healing Prayer is based on the results of my doctoral studies, other resources on prayer, the history of healing prayer over the centuries, and the contributions of many faithful people of prayer. This page is devoted to that original doctoral work.

My doctoral dissertation is on healing prayer for the victims of sins. Among other things, it points out that most of the Christian church is focused on sinners and their redemption from sin. This is a good thing, but it is only HALF of the Gospel. It misses the fact that sin always has victims, and the wounding they've received often cripples them in life, or leads them into their own sin. The GOOD NEWS of Jesus is that just as much as God is willing to forgive sin and sinners, so is He willing to heal sin's victims. That's the WHOLE Gospel.

The entire dissertation is available for download, as well as the accompanying PowerPoint:

Teaching Healing Prayer for the Victims of Sin (PDF)